DAIKEN Excel-Tone Mineral Ceilings board, the quality product of Japan, has been well known in Singapore market for more than 15 years. It is used in many commercial buildings and also in residential places. If you are looking for the ceiling board that has qualificaions of ” SOUND ABSORPTION, NO SAGGING GUARANTEE and ATTRACTIVE INTERIOR ATMOSPHERE”, Daiken ceilings can offer you these qualifications !

DAIKEN Excel-Tone Mineral Ceilings board can be used for both residential and office area. It provides the attractive interior atmosphere with the functions of sound absorption, fire resistance, thermal insulation and moisture resistance. Nowsadays, it had been widely used in airport, banks, department stores, cinemas, studios, exhibition halls, hospitals, etc.

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Features and benefits:

  • Excel Tone MR: Excel-tone MR panels with MR (Moisture Resistance) performance prove super quality. It guaranteed for 10 years against visible sagging up to 50 degree celcius and 99% relative humidity.
  • Outstanding fire resistance: Daiken mineral fiber acoustical ceiling materials are not only non-combustible, but also less likely to emit toxic gas or smoke, or to melt, break, or become deformed under normal fire conditions, protecting ceiling areas from fire.
  • Effective thermal insulation: Daiken mineral fiber acoustical ceiling materials offer thermal insulation more than six times that of gypsum board. Due to this superior thermal insulation characteristic, room comfort is maintained at all times greatly saving in cooling and heating expenses.
  • Superior sound absorption: Daiken mineral fiber acoustical ceiling materials have superior sound absorption and insulation characteristics, creating a comfortable and quiet room environment.

Namely, DAIKEN Mineral Ceilings are available ex-stock in the below patterns, which comes in various dimensions and the Co-ordinate Series.

All other patterns, designs and dimensions are also available through indent.

constellation new-ndf travertine
Constellation New NDF Travertine






OWAdeco® and OWAcoustic® premium fulfils even the highest standards of ceiling design and function. As the first European manufacturer of mineral wool suspended ceiling products, OWA have been providing clients with ceiling solutions for nearly half a century. This has only been possible by maintaining a continuous policy of investment in modern methods of manufacturing and research and development ensuring that OWA stays at the forefront of the ceilings industry.

OWA® ceiling tiles are manufactured from Bio-soluble mineral wool complying with the European Regulation 97/69/EC and are classified zero health risk.

We also recycle virtually all of our waste and generated heat from the production of mineral wool, which itself uses recycled materials as one of the key components

OWA® Suspended Ceilings operates a fully integrated production facility working to DIN ISO EN 9001 Quality assurance standards.

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OWA® ceiling is available ex-stock in Constellation, Sirius and Finetta patterns.

Dimensions includes 600x1200x12mm or 15mm and 2’x4’x1/2”or 5/8”

constellation sirius finetta
Constellation Sirius Finetta
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