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Raysound Enterprise Corp. was established in 1992 with chemical raw materials trade as its main business item. In 1995, Raysound enters the building materials industry by investing in Raysound Ind. Co., Ltd., which engages in building material sales. Raysound establishes a branch office in Hong Kong as a foothold to Chinese market, and establishes a Chinese business office in Guangzhou. In 1995, Raysound enters the construction industry by buying a stake in the World Engineering Corporation. Building materials division establishes Yilan, Taichung, and Tainan business offices, giving the division six business offices in Taiwan…

Since year 2010, the group will facilitate progress in upstream and downstream industries in real estate market in Taiwan, ranging from land development and construction to related building materials that we expect to progress synchronistically in the future, particularly in the environmental protection concept. We will continue selling, developing and producing in green building materials, hoping that with Raysound group’s endeavors to protect the environment will have certain contributions to human being and the Earth in the future. As a result, the future of the Raysound Group will aim at making remarkable contributions to the mankind and the planet in addition to the goal of sustainable operation of Raysound Group.