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Unitrio Trading Pte Ltd

Flooring Accessories

F.Ball and Co is a recongnised leader in development and manufacture of floor adhesives and floor preparation products for specialist flooring contractors. Click above Logo for more info…

UNIFIX, one of our house brand water-based adhesive for vinyl tiles. This product is available in one US-gallon tin and five-Us-gallon drums. Kindly contact our sales team for more info…

Floor Finishes – A Floor finish is a general term for permanent covering of flooring done to protect and extend the lifespan of flooring while providing an attractive appearance and slip resistance on surface and floor cornering.

Below are sample of Aluminium and PVC trimming Unitrio carrying. For more details, kindly contact us for more info.

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    Unitrio Trading Pte Ltd

    54 Defu Lane 9
    Singapore 539293

    Tel : (65) 6284 6662
    Fax : (65) 6284 6660, 6283 1911

    E-mail : email@unitrio.com

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