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F.Ball and Co is a recongnised leader in development and manufacture of floor adhesives and floor preparation products for specialist flooring contractors. Their products ranges covered from Textile flooring adhesives, Resilient flooring adhesives, Wood flooring adhesives, Marine Flooring system, Levelling compounds and Damp or Contaminated Floor solutions. Over years, F.ball has developed products that are low odour and solvent-free, as well as producing levelling compounds and adhesives that are suitable in biologically-sensitive areas such as those found in hospitals and other healthcare environments.

BALL STYCCOBOND F44 is a solvent free acrylic emulsion adhesive, which is designed to give a high bond strength, strong initial tack and a long open time. It is protected against bio-degradation and is suitable for use over normal underfloor heating installations. The F44 is also DNV certified for marine use.

Stopgap Red Bag water mix self-smoothing underlayment powder is a protein free blend of sand, cement and organic polymers. When mixed it is designed to produce a smooth dense surface. Suitable for absorbent subfloors and in areas that are biologically sensitive.

Stopgap Red Bag is designed for areas subject to foot and light wheeled traffic and can be used over normal underfloor heating installations. Application can be to a maximum of 6mm unfilled and a minimum of 3mm and it can be smoothed to a feathered-edge. Suitable for filled mixes for greater thickness using Stopgap Graded Aggregate.

Stopgap 700 Superflex is Fast drying, flexible, fibre-reinforced self-smoothing underlayment, designed specifically for use over plywood. Based on the latest advances in cement and polymer technology, enabling fast track application prior to the installation of new floorcoverings.

Can be applied between 2mm and 10mm to a wide range of subfloor types. Due to fast drying technology it is ready to receive most floorcoverings in as little as 3 hours.

Marine Certified tested to the standards of the International Marine Organisation and approved for use in marine floor installations.

BALL STYCCOBOND F58 is an acrylic emulsion adhesive, which is designed to give a high bond strength and strong initial tack. It is protected against biodegradation and is suitable for use over normal underfloor heating installations.

STYCCOBOND F58 can be used for securing a wide range of rubber sheet and tile floor coverings.

Stopgap P131 

General Purpose Primer, Neoprene emulsion primer to promote adhesion of Stopgap smoothing underlayments to both absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces. Designed to prevent rapid drying of adhesives and smoothing underlayments.

Styccobond F44 - Acrylic Adhesive

Stopgap Redbag - Self Levelling Compound

Stopgap P131 - General Purpose Primer