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GRABO Ecosafe has been developed to be extremely hardwearing in order to meet the requirements of the transport sector. With slip resistance of R10, Ecosafe is designed most suitable for kitchens and cafeterias where safety matters.

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Key features and benefits

  • CLP system… This is a cross-linked polymer system in the wear layer, which assures easy maintenance and high wear resistance in the whole life time of the products (contrary to the surface-varnishes/treatments).
  • Safe: slip resistance product with R10 rating
  • Excellent flammability and low smoke emission: B fl-S1
  • Durable: due to their special structure and surface, they have long life expectancy
  • Glass fibre reinforcement ensure dimension stability, their dimensions are stable during the whole life of the Grabo product
  • Flexible: easy and fast installation
  • Easy cleaning: Using Grabo floorings means low maintenance costs

Measurement : 20m x 2m x 2.0mm