Gradus Esplanade 1000 is an aluminium framed mat with a choice of wipers. The wipers provide options in performance, cleanability and design which provide best and cost-effective  solutions in maintenance and also more suitable for everyday use at building entrances. Available in either open or closed construction and in two thicknesses (12mm or 18mm).
Esplanade 1000 is ideal for use in interior and exterior locations subject to medium foot and medium wheeled traffic e.g. high street shops, schools and offices.


Quick Scrapex is a washable mat for heavy traffic and for laying outdoor ( also possible indoor ). Made with 100% brushed polyamide fibre inserts for heavy scraping on perforated polypropylene backing with dots for better water drainage.

Quick Scrapex is ideal for interior and exterior locations on heavy foot and wheeled traffic e.g. Schools, Office buildings, shops, clinics, Banks.

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  • Available in open or closed construction
  • Supplied with edging strips and divider bars
  • Flammability – BSEN 13501-1 Class Efl
  • Slip-resistance (HSL ramp test) – low risk of slip
  • Can be manufactured to most shapes on approval of template
  • Warranty – 5 years
Esplanade1000 Wipers
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