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NOX DELUXE Vinyl Composition Floor Tiles are made from PVC co-polymer resin, filler, plasticizer, stabilizer, pigment and other additive materials. It is excellent in durability, abrasion resistance, re-agent resistance and easy installation makes it suitable for applications with medium to heavy traffic. From the surface to the bottom it is made of marble chips for elegant natural semi-permanent pattern colors which make it practical and economical with efficient dimensional stability. NOX DELUXE is suitable for offices, stores, places of business and residential applications.

deluxe-1 deluxe-2 deluxe-3
Deluxe 1 Deluxe 2 Deluxe 3

NOX DELUXE Vinyl Composition Floor Tiles (300mmx300mmx2.0mm) is available ex-stock in 20 colours.

ndx101 ndx107 ndx110
NDX 101 NDX 107 NDX 110
ndx118 ndx128 ndx130
NDX 118     NDX 128 NDX 130
ndx132 ndx136
NDX 132 NDX 136


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