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Tarket Acczent Excellence 70 – Topaz



With a 0.7mm PVC wear layer, TARKETT ACCZENT EXCELLENCE 70 – TOPAZ wood and mineral range is a competitively priced compact heterogeneous vinyl sheet flooring with good resistance to indentation and abrasion. A coordinated pallet of wood and mineral designs makes this a good choice for heavy traffic area such as Education Healthcare and Retail as well as Residential applications. The surface benefits from TOPCLEAN reinforcement which means no wax and no polish and good cleaning and maintenance properties.

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Key features and benefits:

  • Heavy traffic flooring ideal for commercial and residential areas
  • High comfort flooring with outstanding hygiene performance
  • Excellent resistance to indentation and abrasion (0.7mm wear layer)
  • Total thickness 2.5 mm
  • Classic wood and mineral designs
  • TopClean PUR surface treatment for easy, low cost maintenance
  • 5 years Tarkett Limited Guarantee

TARKETT ACCZENT EXCELLENCE 70 – TOPAZ (23m x 2m x 2.50mm) will be available in stock soon.

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