ROMUS Company was created in 1970 and is a worldwide leader in tools and profiles for the contract and domestic installation. For over forty years, ROMUS has been inventing, designing and manufacturing various ranges of profiles, accessories and tools for use by flooring and painting contractors over sixty countries.

ROMUS, is at the forefront of innovation with solutions for preparing, installing and finishing walls and floors.

Listing 2000 products, over 200 of them are new, the new range of ROMUS will do even more to make interiors more beautiful, conformable, safe and secure.

It’s wide variety of tools includes the following which is available ex-stock, other tools are available upon request.

red-painted-knife straight-blade Small-Hook-Blade
Red Painted Knife Straight Blade Small Hock Blade
Super-Hook-Blade Flat-Quarter-Moon-Knife Angled-Quarter-Moon-Knife
Super Hock Blade Flat Quarter Moon Knife Angled Quarter Moon Knife
trimming-guide Internal-Angle-Roller trimming-gouge
Trimming Guide Internal Angle Roller Trimming Gouge
Rounded-Blade Flat-Blade Pointed-Blade
Rounded Blade Flat Blade Pointed Blade
polished-knife P-Type-Groover Joint-Scriber
Polished Knife P-Type Groover Joint Scriber
Stair-Tool Levelling-Trowel Spiked-Roller
Stair Tool Levelling Trowel Spiked Roller
Adhesive-Spreader Stainless-Steel-2m-Ruler  
Adhesive Spreader Stainless Steel 2m Ruler  


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