Pros and Cons of Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) which has been gaining popularity over the years


LVT is becoming very well-liked and accepted here in Singapore. Nothing is perfect and sometimes, we have a love-hate relationship with LVT. Usually in woodgrain or stone designs, LVT can be used in many spaces like offices, schools and homes.

We have 4 different collections of LVT and we love to share what we have learned over the decades.

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Great Value & Cost Efficient

LVT is generally inexpensive and more affordable when compared to the likes of timber and marble. It is also cost efficient to repair or replace.

Extensive & Realistic Designs

Printed in HD, LVT diverse designs includes wood, stone, marble, terazzo and concrete that looks natural and real. 

Resitant Qualities

LVT is generally resistant to water, scratches and bacteria growth, making LVT a resilient, hygenic and versatile option.

Easy to maintain

With a tough and clear PVC top layer, LVT is easy to keep pristine and clean over years of continous usage.

Many Joints

Being either in planks or tiles, LVT installations has many joint lines compared to vinyl sheets in roll form of width 2m. Joint lines can be unsightly and trap dirt and bacteria.

"Gapping" Issues

Unsightly gaps can appear after time because of several reasons like product quality, insufficient climatization and improper installation.

"Peaking" Issues

Peaking can happen when LVT expands too much and pushes hard enough towards each other. Poor product stability and improper installation can cause this.

Indentation Marks

Heavy or pointed furniture or items can leave a permanent depressed mark on the surface.